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How Do We Price Tree Services?

Michiana Tree Service LLC believes in honest upfront pricing for our company's professional tree care services. The costs of our many different tree services depend on a few variables, as all tree jobs are unique. Liability, access, size, and disposal cost are some of the main things that affect the cost of any tree service in Niles, South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, and the surrounding areas. 

  • Access - The access to the work that needs to be done will impact the cost of a service.  The better access to the job site, the less pricing tends to be.  This is because when a tree or stump is easily accessible by equipment, for example, we can utilize more effective strategies and keep costs down.
  • Liability- The liability the job carries can affect the cost of tree removal, stump removal, storm damage cleanup, or more.  In some cases, a tree job can carry a lot of liability.  For instance, if a tree is hovering over a house or a fence and needs to be taken down, there is always damage that could occur to the property or to a person.  Our teams are expertly trained and use all the proper equipment and PPE to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient services are provided when on-site for tree care service.  
  • Transportation - Transportation cost plays a factor in the pricing.  City location, distance to the disposal site, and fuel cost all play their part in the estimated cost of any tree service.
  • Disposal Cost - All material we produce throughout any tree care service we take on will need to be professionally disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. 

Michiana Tree Service handles all costs associated with any tree service we take on, and our pricing is always transparent and up-front.  We cover labor, transportation, tools, equipment, and disposal fees for every tree hob we are hired for.

10% Discounts to Teachers, Veterans, Senior citizens, and First Responders 

All In Hauling junk removal Conroe Texas
Tree Care Experts

Tree Care Experts

Being a tree care expert can be a tough job but a fun experience for others. Being part of a tree company service in Niles, Michigan, has let us meet some amazing people and has allowed us to participate in jobs that we won't forget.

Our day usually starts with safety checks on our tree equipment and schedule to efficiently meet our client's daily needs. After our routine checks and the tree equipment are ready to rock and roll, we set out to get to work! We love providing tree services in Niles and the surrounding Michiana area, so if you are interested in talking tree care today, give us a call and work on assessing your project!

All In Hauling junk removal Conroe Texas

Some Of Our Previous Junk Removal Projects

All In Hauling junk removal Conroe Texas

Text-based Tree Service Quote

Tree Care

Text Us A Photo

To get a quick, approximate estimate on any tree service you need, take a few pictures showing the scope of work and text them to (269) 357-5956.

Once we review the texted photos, we will respond with a rough idea of your expected costs.

We offer contactless estimates and accept no-contact forms of payment to help combat COVID-19.

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