Love your landscape but overwhelmed by overgrown trees or stubborn stumps? We've got you covered! As a family-owned business, Michiana Tree Service works diligently to keep your outdoors beautiful and safe.

We offer professional tree removal, tree trimming, bush removal, and stump grinding in Berrien & Cass Counties, Michigan, as well as St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties, Indiana. Our team is committed to providing top-notch, reliable services that guarantee your satisfaction.

Don't let unruly trees overshadow your beautiful home. Give us a call today!

How Can We Help?

Our friendly Michiana Tree Service teams and experienced personnel are intent on satisfying your needs while conserving the aesthetics of your property, trees' well-being and an enjoyable customer experience.

Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Services

Are you in need of a business that can cut down and dispose of trees on your land? Michiana Tree Service provides tree removal services for a variety of circumstances. We are at your service when you require trees to be taken out for both design and practical reasons!

Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming

The personnel from Michiana Tree Service are highly skilled and familiar with tree trimming and pruning practices. If you want to learn more about the process or have queries regarding your project, be sure to contact us, and we will cheerfully answer all your questions.

Stump Grinding 

Stump Grinding

Stump-cutting and extraction services are offered if a tree stump needs to be taken away. We can send a grinder over to your spot, extract the stump, and get rid of the debris. Generally, it can take a relatively short period of time to rid a stump when you use our tree stump removal services.

Bush Removal Services

Bush Removal and log removal

At Michiana Tree Service, we provide efficient bush removal with swiftness. When a shrub grows sizable, its roots will extend extensively. We can eliminate an aged shrub by either sawing it off at the soil line or yanking it out with machinery, consequently making the task simpler than if done by hand.

Felling Trees

Get trees removed from your property with peace of mind.

Tree Limb Cutting

We can trim or prune your trees for cosmetic and functional purposes.

Storm Damage Cleanup

We clean up debris that may be collateral damage due to storms, fallen trees, limbs, etc.

Stump Grinding

Have your stumps extracted by hiring our professional teams for stump grinding & removal services.


Michiana Tree Service LLC believes in honest upfront pricing for our company's professional tree care services. The costs of our many different tree services depend on a few variables, as all tree jobs are unique. Liability, access, size, and disposal cost are some of the main factors affecting any tree service in Niles, South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, and the surrounding areas.

Access - The access to the work that needs to be done will impact the cost of a service. The better access to the job site, the less pricing tends to be. This is because when a tree or stump is easily accessible by equipment, for example, we can utilize more effective strategies and keep costs down.
Liability- The liability the job carries can affect the cost of tree removal, stump removal, storm damage cleanup, or more. In some cases, a tree job can have a lot of liability. For instance, if a tree is hovering over a house or a fence and needs to be taken down, there is always damage that could occur to the property or a person. Our teams are expertly trained and use all the proper equipment and PPE to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient services on-site for tree care.
Transportation - Transportation cost plays a factor in the pricing. City location, distance to the disposal site, and fuel cost all play their part in the estimated cost of any tree service.
Disposal Cost - All material we produce throughout any tree care service we take on will need to be professionally disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
Michiana Tree Service handles all costs associated with any tree service we take on, and our pricing is always transparent and up-front. We cover labor, transportation, tools, equipment, and disposal fees for every tree hob we are hired for.

10% Discounts to Teachers, Veterans, Senior citizens, and First Responders
Pruning Bushes And Small Trees

Pruning Bushes & Small Trees

Hire Us With Peace Of Mind when it comes to needing a service for Pruning Bushes & Small Trees.
Bush Pruning Services
Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup

Same Day Services Available.
Entire Property Cleanup and Storm Damage Emergency Services.
Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Land Clearing In Michiana

Trees are a vitally important part of the ecology of Niles, Southwest Michigan, and around the planet. We owe them profound gratitude as they give us clean air to breathe, provide us with much-needed shade in the summer heat, and secure havens for numerous species of animals. However, in order to maintain a healthy environment, we need to be considerate of trees and take an environmentally friendly approach when tending to them! That's why Michiana Tree Service in Niles can handle your tree-related needs.
Land Clearing, tree removal

Land Clearing Services Near Me

Let Our Machines Go To Work For You!
Get the job done more efficiently with Michiana Tree Service.
Land Clearing Service Near Me
Wooded Lot Clearing

Wooded Lot Clearing

We care for your trees, so you don't have to.
Talk to our knowlegeable teams.
Wooded Lot Clearing Services

Commercial Tree Services

Organizations requiring tree work such as cutting down, pruning, or removing mess left by high winds can find serenity with Michiana Tree Service. We are knowledgeable in arranging agreements and providing assessments and plans for broad ventures. Our skilled staff is committed to furnishing the highest caliber of assistance and client gratification. We recognize that each endeavor is special and necessitates a customized method taking into account all components of any assignment. Make contact with us immediately and have a conversation about vegetation, logs, stumps, severe weather harm, and more.
Commercial Tree Services

Efficient And Effective

Our high-end equipment keeps us safe while we work on your property.
Let our teams go to work for you today.
Commercial Tree Services


Are you searching for reliable help with a tree-related task? You can depend on the skilled personnel at Michiana Tree Service - we present ourselves professionally as well as highly skilled in tree care. As a locally owned and operated company dealing with tree-related services, you can trust us for anything from trimming and pruning to removing trees and grinding stumps.

Fully Insured

Our teams are insured.  Tree work can be dangerous, so we go the distance when protecting our employees and our customers' properties.

Experienced Crews

Our team members are experienced in tree removal, tree trimming, tree stump removal, and property clearing. As a result, we work efficiently without sacrificing safety.

Family Owned & Operated

Michiana Tree Service is family owned and operated on the State Line between Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

Located Near You By The State Line

We are conveniently located near you in Michigan and Indiana, ready and on standby for your call.
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