Land Clearing Services

An expert land clearing and property deforesting service in Niles, Michigan.

Forestry Mulching & Overgrowth Removal Services 

Our knowledgeable land-clearing experts and experienced teams at Michiana Tree Service are determined to fulfill your needs for services that can help with Site Preparation, Erosion Control, Brush Removal, and more.

Site Preparation

Commercial Tree Services

Are you Looking for a Construction Site Preparation Service in Niles that can clear trees and brush material on your property? Michiana Tree Service will remove trees, stumps, roots, and more that must be dealt with to undertake new construction projects like home builds, driveway installations, or outdoor kitchen patios.  Call us for tree removal and more today!

Forestry Mulching

Tree Trimming

Our Michiana Land Clearing Service crews are experienced in forestry mulching and tree trimming services. Employ our forestry mulching and brush hogging services to eliminate woods, brush, and excessive overgrowth and transform your property into vast open areas with the potential for more.

Erosion Control

Stump Grinding

Land preparation involves stump removal and the extraction of any current substance from an area to facilitate its development. This can entail the cutting down of trees and other plants, as well as the digging up of stumps and roots.  Removing vegetation can subject the ground to forces of erosion.  Be sure to contact us today if you are questioning the effect that clearing your property of vegetation and trees may have regarding erosion and its control.  

Brush Removal

Bush Removal and log removal

We offer brush removal services in Niles, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.  Once a brush pile has accumulated and becomes large, it can become unsightly.  We can remove an old brush pile by loading it into one of our dump trailers and hauling it to a proper disposal site where it will be recycled for further purposes.


Get tree and sapling overgrowth removed from your property with peace of mind.


Logs will most likely be produced during any land reclamation process. Our teams handle the removal & disposal/recycling of any organic waste by-product of our work. 

Property Cleanup

We clean up debris that may be collateral damage due to storms, fallen trees, limbs, etc.

Roots & Stumps

Have your stumps disappeared by hiring our professional teams for stump grinding & removal services.

Deforesting & Reclaiming Land

Land reclamation services clear land of trees, brush, stumps, and other foliage.
Clearing a property of vegetation and overgrowth is often done to prepare land for developmental purposes or to create a more sensational, aesthetically pleasing landscape.
Land-clearing services can be provided by a variety of professionals, including arborists, landscapers, and tree removal companies.
Land clearing can help reduce the risk of wildfires by removing flammable vegetation.
Land clearing can be costly, depending on the size and scope of the project.  It's recommended to get three estimates before hiring a professional specializing in clearing trees, foliage, and overgrowth properties.
Land clearing can improve soil quality by removing dead vegetation and allowing for better water absorption.
Pruning Bushes And Small Trees

Pruning Bushes & Small Trees

Hire Us With Peace Of Mind when it comes to needing a service for Pruning Bushes & Small Trees.
Bush Pruning
Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup

Same Day Services Available.
Full Property Cleanup and Storm Damage Emergency Services.
Storm Damage Cleanup

Land Clearing In Niles

We can deforest a lot or clear trees and brush from your property.
Land Clearing, tree removal

Let Us Clear Your Land Fast

Let Our Machines Go To Work For You!
Get the job done more efficiently with Michiana Tree Service.
Wooded Lot Clearing

Wooded Lot Clearing

We care for your trees, so you don't have to.
Talk to our knowlegeable teams.
Wooded Lot Clearing Services

Commercial Tree Services

Businesses that need trees removed, trimmed, or cleaned up after a storm will find peace of mind with Michiana Tree Service. We are versed in negotiating contracts and offering evaluations and timelines for extensive projects. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. We understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach that considers all aspects of any job. Contact us today, and let's talk about trees.
Commercial Tree Services

Efficient And Effective

Our high end equipment keeps us safe while we work on your property.
Let our teams go to work for you today.
Commercial Tree Services


Do you need assistance from a top-rated tree service that you can trust? Our uniformed, well-trained, and friendly tree care experts here at Michiana Tree Service have you covered for any tree job you send us. Being a family-owned and operated tree company out of Niles, Michigan, you can expect reliability for any tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, or stump grinding task that you may seek professional help with.

Fully Insured

Our teams are insured.  Tree work can be dangerous work, so we go the distance when it comes to protecting our employees and our customers' properties.

Experienced Crews

Our team members are experienced in tree removal, tree trimming, tree stump removal, and property clearing.  We work efficiently without sacrificing safety.

Family Owned & Operated

Michiana Tree Service is family owned and operated right here in Niles, Michigan.  

Located Near You In Niles

We are conveniently located near you in Niles, Michigan, ready and on standby for your call.
Contact Michiana Tree Service for your tree care and tree problems


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The cost of clearing land of unwanted plant growth or organic debris will depend greatly on the scope of work.  Most scenarios call for time, equipment, and expertise, keeping the average starting cost of any land-clearing project at a minimum of $480.00.

Starting From $480.00 For Small Jobs

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Getting an estimate for any of our services, including tree trimming, storm damage cleanup, downed tree cleanup, and more, is simple & effortless.  Contact us now to set up a free appointment, and we will come out to your property to assess the service work you need.
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Asked Questions

Have questions about removing overgrowth and unwanted plants and trees on your land? Here is a bit of helpful information displayed in the form of an FAQ just for you!

What is the process of land clearing?

Land clearing is the process of removing vegetation, trees, and other obstacles from a piece of land to make it suitable for various uses, such as agriculture, new construction, recreation, or development. It is a necessary step in prepping land for many types of projects. The first step is to identify the area that needs to be cleared.

What equipment is needed?

The equipment used for clearing a property depends on the size and scope of the project at hand. For smaller projects, such as clearing brush, saplings, and small trees, a chainsaw, brush cutter, and/or a weed whacker can be used. For larger projects, such as clearing large trees and stumps, a bulldozer, backhoe, or excavator may be necessary. For clearing trees, a chainsaw is a must.

How much land can be cleared in a day?

The amount of land you can clear in a day depends on many different factors, including the size of the land, the terrain, the type of vegetation, the tools and equipment you have available, and the number of people available to help.

What is the average cost of hiring a service to clear land?

The cost of land-clearing services can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. Generally, the price of land clearing services is based on the amount of work that needs to be done, the type of vegetation that needs to be removed, and the location of the land. The cost may be relatively low for a small project, such as clearing a small area of land for a new garden. However, larger projects can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

What are the conditions of the land that you can clear?

The conditions of the land you want to clear will depend on the type of land, the zoning regulations in the local area, and any existing environmental restrictions set by the powers that be. If you are looking to clear land for farming purposes, you will need to make sure that the land is suitable for farming. This means it should have good soil quality, access to water, and the right climate for the crops you plan to grow.
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