Mishawaka Tree Removal Services

If you are looking for the Best Mishawaka Tree Removal Services that you can rely on, contact us today and learn more about how our teams can get you an accurate, on-site estimate at no cost to you. Michaina Tree Service has been servicing the Michiana area since 2021 and is conveniently located near you. As a family-owned and operated tree removal service in Mishawaka and the surrounding areas, we are proud to be of service to our local patrons. We are ready and on standby for your call! 

Tree Removal In Mishawaka

With a population of over 51,000 people, Mishawaka is a growing city.  Michiana Tree Service offers superior services for those needing a service they can count on for all their needs regarding tree removal in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Look no further for a company with your best interest in mind when it comes to removing small and large trees from your property.  We service residential and commercial customers and are fully licensed and insured, giving you the peace of mind that you will want when hiring a professional tree service to take care of the trees that may need to be removed and disposed of. 
Tree Removal

Pine Tree Removal

One common type of tree you may need to be removed from your property in Mishawaka is the pine tree.  Pine trees are known to grow tall and require climbing skills or equipment to remove them.  Our skilled teams are highly qualified and well-prepared for pine tree removal jobs in the local area.
Tree Trimming

Oak Tree Removal

Oak trees are known to be solid and long-lived. They have been revered for centuries for their strength and resilience, symbolizing endurance and stability in many cultures. Although known to be resilient and beautiful, a common tree that naturally grows in the Mishawaka area, our crews can assist you with expertise.
Stump Grinding

Maple Tree Removal

Maple trees are a well-known species that naturally grow in Mishawaka and the surrounding areas. If you need a maple tree removed from your property in this region, it's important to understand the proper procedure to ensure a safe and effective removal.  Contact Michaina Tree Service for more info. 
Bush Removal and log removal

Sappling Removal

Not only do we remove large trees in Mishawaka, but we also remove saplings, which can be a necessity for urban development and infrastructure projects. However, this practice raises concerns about the overall environmental impact and the loss of green spaces in our community. If you need to clear saplings, contact us.

Professional Tree Service

You can expect professionalism when working with Michiana Tree Service in Mishawaka.

Located Near You

We are conveniently located near you in Mishawaka, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. 

Get A Free Estimate

Our Mishawaka tree removal estimates are always Free.

Get Fast Service

We offer same-day estimates and can get to work quickly.

Michiana Tree Service In Mishawaka

Conveniently located near you in Mishawaka, Indiana, Michiana Tree Service has a five-star reputation built through operating with superior customer service and fair rates. 

From small operations to extensive tree removal jobs, you can depend on our teams to complete any tasks you hire us for to your satisfaction.

Pruning Bushes And Small Trees

Pruning Bushes & Small Trees

Hire Us With Peace Of Mind when needing service for Pruning Bushes & Small Trees.
Tree And Bush Pruning Services
Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup

Same Day Services Available.
Full Property Cleanup and Storm Damage Emergency Services.
Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Land Clearing In Mishawaka Indiana

We can deforest a lot or clear trees and brush from your property.
Land Clearing, tree removal

Land Clearing In Mishawaka

Let Our Equipment Go To Work For You!
Get land cleared efficiently with Michiana Tree Service.
land Clearing Services
Wooded Lot Clearing

Wooded Lot Clearing

We care for your trees, so you don't have to.
Talk to our knowlegeable teams.
Wooded Lot Clearing Services

Commercial Tree Services

Businesses that need trees removed, trimmed, or cleaned up after a storm will find peace of mind with Michiana Tree Service. We are versed in negotiating contracts and offering evaluations and timelines for extensive projects. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. We understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach that considers all aspects of any job. Contact us today, and let's talk about trees.
Commercial Tree Services

Efficient And Effective

Our high end equipment keeps us safe while we work on your property.
Let our teams go to work for you today.
Commercial Tree Services 


Do you need assistance from a top-rated tree service that you can trust? Our uniformed, well-trained, and friendly tree care experts here at Michiana Tree Service have you covered for any tree job you send us. Being a family-owned and operated tree company near you in Mishawaka, Indiana, you can expect reliability for any tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, or stump grinding task you may seek professional help with.

Fully Insured

Our teams are insured.  Tree work can be dangerous work, so we go the distance when it comes to protecting our employees and our customers' properties.

Experienced Crews

Our team members are experienced in tree removal, tree trimming, tree stump removal, and property clearing.  We work efficiently without sacrificing safety.

Family Owned & Operated

Michiana Tree Service is family-owned and operated in Mishawaka, Indiana.  

Located Near You In Mishawaka

We are conveniently located near you in Mishawaka, Indiana, ready and on standby for your call.


All tree jobs will be estimated for cost, free of charge to our customers. The cost of hiring our company for your tree service needs will depend on the variables surrounding your project.

Starting From $250.00 For Small Jobs

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How It Works

Getting an estimate for any of the services we offer, including tree trimming, storm damage cleanup, downed tree cleanup, and more, is simple & effortless.  Contact us now to set up a free appointment, and we will come out to your property to assess the service work you need.
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