How To Prepare For A Tree Service

Ways To Get Ready For A Tree Service In Niles, Michigan

Are you wondering how to prepare for a tree service in Niles, Michigan?  When you have hired a professional tree service in Niles, Michigan, much of the work has been done.  All the time and research that goes into choosing who to hire to perform the tree care work on your property is out of the way.  Now, it's time to get ready for the scheduled service date.  The question is how to prepare for a tree service in Niles, MI.  Here are some questions regarding preparing for a tree service so that you are prepared when the tree company shows up.

How To Prepare For A Tree Service
Tree Company In Action

Does a homeowner need to prepare for a tree service that has been scheduled to perform tree work on their property?  

Yes, a property owner can take action to prepare for a tree service scheduled to perform work on the property, like tree cutting, stump grinding, tree removal, and pruning.

Move Hazards Out Of The Way- If there are hazards around the work area where the tree service will perform their work in; it's good to prepare by moving those hazards out of the way.  Hazards around the property could be wires, junk, clutter, and electricity.  It's also good to point out some of these potential hazards to the tree company's crew so they are away from any potential safety concerns.

Move Vehicles Out Of The Way- On the day of the scheduled service, prepare the work area by ensuring that vehicles are moved out of the way.  For liability concerns, vehicles should be moved as far away from the work area as possible.  A falling limb can smash a vehicle or damage other items on the property.

Make Sure Anyone That Will Be Present On The Property Is Notifies Of The Scheduled Work To Be Done-  Notify neighbors and family members who may be present on the property on the date tree work is done.  It's good to make clear that dangerous tree work will be happening on the property on the date of service because, if unnotified, a person may accidentally walk into the work area and put themselves in a place where bodily injury can occur.  Most tree companies will rope off a work area so that people know where the boundary is, but it never hurts to make sure those around the work site are notified.

Take A Look For Power Lines So You Are Aware Of Them- Power lines are a thing that all tree company crews are trained to watch out for, but it never hurts to have knowledge about the power lines that may be present on your property.  Once you have all the power lines on your property accounted for, you can notify the tree service foreman of all their location when they arrive on the scheduled service date.  The company will most likely have all of the power lines accounted for, but just to be the safest, it never hurts to notify them of your count regarding power lines.

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